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The conference room is an indispensable part of the company's structure. It has the function of meeting visitors and negotiating with business partners. It plays the role of communication and negotiation, and the conference display equipment is the necessary means to improve work efficiency. One of them is responsible for collecting more than 60% of the information we perceive. The traditional projection application has the disadvantages of low brightness, limited viewing angle, blurred imaging, and high application environment requirements, and has not achieved the maximum value of the conference.

Jinghuatai Optoelectronics has launched a new series of small-pitch die-casting aluminum products, combining LED seamless HD display technology with video conference monitoring and fusion system, with high-definition seamless display terminal, flexible and economical display size, audio and video combination, and flexible split combination The advantages are to ensure that the decisions and orders of all parties can be communicated, executed and feedback quickly and steadily, thus ensuring the synergy and efficiency of the entire organization.

1. Die-cast aluminum structure box, realize high-precision flat and seamless splicing and good heat dissipation, and support “true seamless splicing” of any size of the whole screen;

2, lighting points, color correction, to ensure that the brightness and color of the entire screen is highly reductive and consistent;

3, wide viewing angle, high contrast (3000:1), high brightness (adjustable), high gray level (14bit gray level processing), high refresh (1920HZ refresh rate;), soft image, display image realistic, meet high-speed moving image display;

4, low light and high gray, the brightness of the whole screen can be steplessly adjusted, fully adapt to the brightness requirements of various indoor display environments. The picture is more beautiful and the details are perfectly presented;

5. The cabinet is light and thin, occupying small space, and easy to transport and handle;

6. Connect professional video splicing processing system to support multiple signal high-fidelity synchronous processor display;

7. The boxes are connected by special buckle structure, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble without using other tools.

8, fanless design, keep silent, low power consumption, low EMI, high life (100,000 hours long life), easy maintenance, saving operation and maintenance costs

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